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At Brilliant Future Daycare, you will not need to have your child see a therapist.

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At Brilliant Future Daycare

your child will not need to see a therapist.

Having graduated from a psychology program, team members at Brilliant Future Daycare act as full-time homeroom teachers as well as child psychologists and role models. The team performs daily observations of children’s developmental milestones, emotional regulation, behavioural management, socialisation skills, and speech and language skills. These observations are recorded and communicated with the parents every month.

Homeroom teachers

acts as role models

and child psychologists

Frequently asked questions

How do we provide psychological support?

Brilliant Future Daycare provides psychological support in multiple ways. Each lesson incorporates social-emotional learning (SEL) through fun and interactive activities. These activities foster children’s self-awareness, emotional management, self-regulation, empathy, and relationship skills.

In addition, our teachers ensure that every child develops a self-motivated love for learning by emphasising children’s autonomy and play.

The team also supports children’s emotional needs through attunement, acceptance, and validation of emotions.

Children acquire healthy social skills by solving problems and negotiating disagreements together with the guidance of teachers. Finally, Brilliant Future Daycare provides free training workshops for parents every month.

How will Brilliant Future Daycare accommodate my child?

Child psychologists at Brilliant Future Daycare are trained to follow a neurodiversity affirmative, child-centred approach. There is no place for discrimination at our nursery.

each child is accepted and embraced with their unique traits. Our observations allow us to spot signs of developmental delays and neurodivergent conditions, such as ADHD, autism, tourettes, and learning disabilities.

In such cases, we would perform initial assessments to decide if a formal diagnosis from a child psychiatrist is needed, then take the lead from there.

How Does an (IEP) Benefit Children with Specific Needs?

After formal diagnosis, the team would formulate an individualised educational program (IEP) according to the child’s specific needs, ensuring that they receive suitable accommodations. Then, a child psychologist will have two therapy sessions a week, each 40 minutes long, and provide monthly reports of the child’s progress to the parents.

We are all different, and that is beautiful.
Brilliant Future Daycare embraces each child’s unique traits.

Together we ensure a Brilliant Future for our kids

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